Surf School, Courses and Surfing Lessons in Cantabria.

Sharing excitement since 1998. Extensive experience in surf coaching and instructing.

At the Surf School we teach you how to surf from the first day.

We’ve been offering Courses and surfing lessons in Cantabria since 1998. We have great knowledge of didactics, our goal is that your surfing lesson is an experience you’ll never forget. Surfing is our passion, we will explain all about the world of surfing, so you can surf independently after the course has finalized.

surf en cantabria

We are more than a surf school.

At the Surf School, which is located on Berria beach (Cantabria) we teach you to understand the ocean, its currents, wave formation, the different types of breaks, and how the tides and the wind affect the quality of the waves. At the Surf School we teach you to love and respect the surrounding environment and nature, by specific environmental talks.

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